Visiting Conwy Castle

Visiting Conwy Castle

One of the things that attract tourist to Wales and all of the UK is the ability to visit castles.  North American tourists love to come and see many of the castles spread across the country as they tell the story of the region’s history with many of these castles being hundreds of years old.  There are several castles that you can visit in Wales but visiting Conwy Castle stands as one of the most popular.

The Appeal of Castles

Why do so many tourists flock to Conwy Castle and others across Wales each year?  There are a number of reasons that people take tours of castles; Castles often have a pretty interesting history.  Conwy Castle, for example, stands as a monument to the struggles between the English and the Welsh.  It is also incredible to see the sheer size of these structures and to understand how much work went into building them.  They also stand as some of the most incredible pieces of architecture man has ever put together.

Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle has been standing for over 700 years, marking the many conflicts between England and Wales.  The site of the castle is magnificent with some stunning views of the countryside.  The castle itself has eight towers where guards used to stand watch and keep an eye out for invaders.  These battlements link to the town wall which is still intact.  The town wall circles the old town and has 21 towers of its own that used to be used to guard the settlement.

Touring the Castle

The castle was constructed back in the 13th century by King Edward I with the idea of forcing the Welsh into submission by containing them.  What is most interesting is that it only took five years to build, the number of workers it must have taken to construct the castle is astounding. To appreciate that you need to walk around the walls of the castle.

As you walk around the castle, bring your camera, the views are incredible.  You can see the Conwy Estuary along with the mountains of Snowdonia.  Imagine as well as you walk around the walls that the Welsh were not allowed within the castle’s walls that were strictly for the English.  In nearby villages, there are even examples of Elizabethan homes that remain.  There are tours throughout the year you can take where you can see all that Conwy Castle has to offer.

Josephine Parker