Welsh Castles and the Ghosts that Haunt Them

Welsh Castles and the Ghosts that Haunt Them

Throughout their history, the castles of Wales have seen war, death, treachery, and an invasion or two.  While castles stand as replicas of history and often incredible pieces of architecture they have also served as places of great suffering, it really isn’t surprising that many of these castles come with some pretty great ghost stories.  Let’s look at some Welsh Castles and the Ghosts that haunt them.

Bodelwyddan Castle

The story of the haunting of Bodelwyddan Castle originates from a diary entry by John Hay Williams back in 1829, and it describes a human skeleton that was found in the walls.  Since no one could identify who the remains belonged to, it was re-interred in the castle walls.  Today the remains are still within the walls of the castle.

There are two ghosts said to roam the halls of Bodelwyddan Castle, one is referred to as the “Blue Lady” and the other is referred to as the “Victorian Lady”.  These two aren’t the only ghosts said to haunt the castle, there is said to be another ghost haunting the basement.  It is said this ghost doesn’t like the women of the castle much and terrorizes the female staff.

Margam Castle

Located in South Wales near Port Talbot and it is the site of all kinds of ghost stories.  It is situated in Margam  County Park, and the Gothin mansion shares the space with the ruins of an old abbey that used to house Cistercian monks (who are supposed to haunt the place too).  As for Margram Castle, the story goes that it is haunted by a former gamekeeper who had been murdered back in 1898.  Visitors say you can see his ghost going up the staircase.  In addition to the gamekeeper, there is also the ghost of Emily Charlotte Talbot, a former owner of the castle is said to walk the halls still.

Gwydir Castle

Now we head north to the ancestral home of the Wynn family.  The story tells of a baronet who is supposed to have confessed to murdering a young woman on his deathbed and hiding the body behind a wall of the castle.  From this story, the ghost of the “Grey Lady” is said to haunt the castle for more than 200 years.  She is not the only one either there is supposed to be several ghosts roaming the castle.  Witnesses claim that one of the rooms referred to as the “Ghost Room” experiences drops in temperature and the smell of a rotting corpse.

If you are into ghost stories and the paranormal in general then these castles need to be added to your must-see list.

Josephine Parker